About Us

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AC Mens Underwear is aimed at super sexy appeal and feel, quality mens underwear. 

AC Mens Underwear where established on a personal experience of skin irritation discovered from chafing by the growing’s wearing traditional   retail store mens underwear.  This discomfort became worse and where forced looking into different types of mens underwear.  Andrew Christian mens underwear is designed with all the essentials.  Features ultra-soft super sexy feeling when you put them on and your package falls naturally into the super soft pocket. Andrew Christian mens underwear only uses the finest quality material and stitching which is 80% sweat more absorbent to prevent chafing by the growing’s. Not also to mention the eye popping sexy slim appeal.  The secret is in the material and design.

 You will definitely experience the ultimate men’s underwear and the only one with a 100 % satisfaction guarantee.